New Year brings New Hope
The New Year brings new hope in to our lives, the hope that something different will change our lives for the better. Many people commit to New Year’s resolutions in an effort to change the way that they are, as presently they may not be fully satisfied with where they are right now in their lives.
Some people choose to lose weight or exercise more. Some people choose to be more confident, while for others it could be to read more books, be more sociable, community involvement, a career change, meeting new people, or just wanting to make life better or more interesting for themselves.
"Dream BIG, because the worst thing that could happen is a small dream comes true"
~ Orrin Woodward
For many years, I have been setting goals for myself. I kept my goals, big and small. The small ones were short term and achievable, while longer term goals took more effort to achieve.  As a coach, I work with people to achieve their goals and from my experience, for goals to be successful, they should have well formed desired outcomes.  To clarify I have outlined below how each goal should have the ingredients below in order for them to become successful.
State Your Goals Positively
Your goals are positively stated. The way we speak to ourselves is hugely important. By talking and thinking in a positive way you are already half way to achieving your goals. As an Irish nation we tend to negatively without realising it. For example: I won’t eat junk food anymore in the evenings (this is an example of negative talking / thinking). You are setting yourself up for a fall by talking/ thinking to yourself in this way. So how should one talk to oneself? My own mother was astounded when she became aware of how she spoke. A more useful and positive way is the positive phrasing of “I will eat more healthily”. What’s the difference? In fact, while the meaning is the same, the signal that you are sending to your brain is “eat junk food evenings” as your brain is unable to recognise the word ‘not’.  
Make Goals Achievable
What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve; I love this quote from Napolean Hill. It demonstrates exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals - believe that your goals are achievable. People place limitations on us, sometimes we place limitations to ourselves. People wonder how some people are really successful and immediately say “Oh, I am not like them, I could never do that….” You can. Have the confidence to believe in yourself and you will be surprised at what you can achieve. On the other hand, some people set the bar too high so it may be useful to break goals into milestones and then see how close you are to the your overall aim.
Be Independent
Goals should never be dependent on anyone else. Be independent and take control of your life.  This means that if someone lets you down, go solo or try someone else. I used to use the excuse that I couldn’t do something because I had no one with me to support me (for example, travelling around the world). Yet the minute I removed this limitation I realised the only person stopping me from my dream was me. Take control of your goals and make them happen.
Write It Down
Sometimes even writing down a goal can make a huge difference. It’s like making a commitment that the goal will happen. You need to ensure that you can measure how close or how ar away you are from the goal. To make this fail proof; be sure to include the following:
·         The goal – write specifically what that is
·         How the goal will benefit you
·         When it will happen – how you will know you are on track
·         What will happen if you do achieve the goal?
·         What will happen if you don’t?
·         How will it benefit you and others around you
For a positive change to happen we need to be clear on what we want and we must be motivated towards it. This requires clarity on what you want, motivation, discipline and to be resilient - resilient in a way that when we get knocked back or side tracked that we focus on what we want to achieve.
Setting a Plan
A real decision is measured by the fact that you have taken action. To be successful, outline milestones and some targets for yourself. This will provide clarity and focus on how to achieve your goals. So my next question is: What are the first steps you will take?
Breaking a Pattern and Getting Support
Sometimes the way people are working, really isn’t working for them. They need to break the pattern of what they are doing in order to achieve their goals. That’s all and well you may say but it’s easier said than done. Well of course that is true.
Einstein once said the definition of madness is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. For people to make a real change in their lives requires personal insight and also the knowledge that to achieve their goals personal change must happen first. It is your responsibility to achieve your goals, you are accountable for you.
For 2012 challenge yourself, make real change, be true to yourself, do what will make you really happy. Only you know what can make you happy, have the control to make that happen. Don’t look back a year from now and wish you had done something about it - take action now.
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About the Author:
William is a coach who works with people in a way that works for them. He is currently a national director of the international coaching federation. He also addressed the National Forum on Resilience in Áras an Uachtaráin.
He offers many services to help people on all levels in their personal lives, business lives and careers. William specialises in working with people in developing confidence, whether that is in improving a client’s business, career or public speaking. He also runs courses nationwide on time management.
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