There are times for many of us when we become self critical. Sometimes we miss out on opportunities, we may wish for something which we can’t attain or we may simply make a human error. Sometimes our focus is so attached on an object or outcome that we become too hard on ourselves.

I once had an employer who told me that he never had to give out to me as I spent so much time beating myself up; he felt it was cruel to add fuel to the fire, so to speak.

Treat Yourself Better

It’s human nature to want more, to be the best you can be and also to make mistakes. Yet it would be comical to think that everything for which we wish or desire would be handed to us on a plate. The mere struggle or effort can make success, in whatever shape or form it comes, extremely sweet. Wouldn’t life be boring if there was no challenge in it?

From personal experience, I used to be particularly hard on myself, until I realised that it was not an effective use of my energy. My attitude these days is to learn from my mistakes and chalk it down to valuable experience. While this may seem a laissez faire approach to life,

“Nothing beautiful was ever created without a struggle, even a butterfly struggles from a cocoon as it emerges.”

Put stuff into perspective

A few weeks back I was being particularly severe on myself, which I must admit can happen from time to time. I got three pieces of bad news, one after the other and for some reason I allowed this affect me. As I continued on my day, I was in a mood best described as sensitive. How lucky was I when I received three compliments about my business in a row. It got me thinking, that if twelve months ago I was shown all that I would have accomplished in the forthcoming year; I would have snapped the hand off the messenger with excitement. This got me thinking, how well off I was, and how I was wasting my energy on what might have been. I recalled the story of Abraham Lincoln. While his story didn’t finish well (or start well for that matter), he still made the most of the attitude and energy that he had. These facts about Abraham Lincoln before he became one of the USA’s favourite presidents may astonish you.

  • In 1831, Abraham Lincoln failed in business
  • In 1832, Abraham Lincoln was defeated for state legislator
  • In 1833, Abraham Lincoln tried a new business, and failed
  • In 1835, Abraham Lincoln’s fiancée died
  • In 1836, Abraham Lincoln had a nervous breakdown
  • In 1843, Abraham Lincoln ran for Congress and was defeated
  • In 1848, Lincoln ran again, and was defeated. Again
  • In 1855, Lincoln ran for the Senate, and lost
  • In 1856, Lincoln ran for Vice President, and lost
  • In 1859, Lincoln ran again for the Senate. He was defeated
  • Then, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States

What matters most is not how many times you fail, but that you never stop trying

For some people, making changes in their lives comes easier due to varying circumstances. Others require some support to facilitate change towards success - whatever it is that success means to them.

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