There is no learning like the experience of failure, which is why employers look for people with experience. They are looking for people who made mistakes and learned from them.

Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. ~ Samuel Beckett

Forbes Magazine revealed the top ten richest people in America, and a wonderful thing was highlighted which was how people succeeded even though they dropped out of college or failed.

  • Bill Gates (Microsoft ~ rank #1) – dropped out of college
  • Larry Ellison (Oracle ~ rank #3) - dropped out of college and studied elsewhere again
  • Sheldon Adelson (Casino Magnate ~ rank #8) -– dropped out of college

So 30% of the Americas top ten richest people were considered failures. It is also worth noting that Steve Jobs was also considered a failure, he was sacked from Apple, only to be asked back, where he then re-invigorated the company to what it is today.

This reminded me of myself; I failed several exams and had to repeat. The reason why I failed was that I lacked focus due to other events in my personal life. My mind was elsewhere and I wasn’t interested in passing my exams.

Some people have been doing jobs for so long that when they are forced to change they are unaware of their skills or their options. Many have transferable skills and many options open to them.

Others are unsure whether changing careers is a good thing to do. I changed careers three times and each time I benefited greatly and also had huge transferable skills.

I suppose I was lucky to have a role model in Padraig O’Ceidigh, who taught me commerce in school. Padraig as you may know is the CEO of Aer Arann, who also happens to be a solicitor, accountant and school teacher, as well as being the founder of An Foinse and Aer Arann. Turning Aer Arann from a small island service into Europe’s fastest growing airline is some achievement.

We can learn many things from successful people; these include how their mind-set operates, their focus, passion, determination, self-belief and vision. I have read countless books and stories of successful entrepreneurs, politicians and people in general. These traits jump out at you as read their individual stories.

How would it be to have those traits? How would your life look like if you were focused on your career or business? How easy would daily challenges be if you were confident, passionate and focused?

In my business practice I support people to improve themselves in many ways.

  • For people looking to improve their business I offer coaching.
  • For people looking to model themselves on becoming confident successful people I use NLP.
  • For people looking to invest in their career I offer Psychometrics to see what career best suits them and also to advance their career.

You can achieve your goals, it’s in your hands.