“This course is outstanding. To me, I have tried to take on board what has been provided. I will always remember this course. The delivery was fantastic. I thank William for his time he is a great teacher/mentor. I can certainly say his time was not wasted on me as I will take some of my learnings back and implement them into my workplace. Thanks again.”

“I really enjoy the course and the interaction with William. He opened my eyes in many aspects and what I learned reinforced what I have been doing so far.”

“…didn’t feel bored at any time and William engages with everyone at all times”

“This was very enlightening and is something that I will use as part of my development as a leader”

Feedback from Kepak Leading From The Front Programme

“We introduced Lego Serious Play into the Musgrave Graduate Programme induction for the first time in 2019. The use of Lego Serious Play allowed participants to voice their ambitions and concerns in a way that may not have been possible in a typical training environment and provided the basis for us all to agree ways of working and communicating with each other.  As a facilitator, William created an environment which promoted reflection and permitted participants to acknowledge where they are on their own journey.  I see this session as providing real value to our graduates in that they can acknowledge their strengths and vulnerabilities and have agreed ways in which they can support themselves and each other as they progress in their careers.  This session provided the perfect introduction to our custom graduate development programme which we run in conjunction with the IMI”

Siobhan Scanlon, Early Careers Manager, Musgrave

“I would like to thank William for the excellent facilitation of the IMI Graduate programme. It was a seamless process and really interactive. Feedback from our graduates was that it was the same as if it had been in the classroom. I would like to also thank you for all of the hard work and hours of preparation that it took to make it a truly enjoyable event. It was an excellent session and just goes to show you what you can do in this virtual world.”

“William Corless was the Program Director for the Three Graduate program and did a fantastic job. He brings years of experience, a wealth of knowledge within the leadership and graduate space. He is a fabulous coach and guide. The graduates were able to get a great insight into some of the tools they would require going into their professional careers. I would highly recommend William and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Edwina (Feehely) Faulkner, Emerging Talent Programme Manager, LinkedIn

“I am the proud leader of the most multi-cultural team in our entire organisation and, whilst this brings the best opportunity for the highest performance output, it also has its inherent challenges. I gave William a challenging brief, which spurred him to create a highly ambitious agenda for a 90-minute session on inter-cultural communication with my team in a face-to-face setting. William exceeded my expectations of what could be accomplished in such a short session, through his engaging teaching style, laced with humour, as a common ground for all cultures. He created a seamless balance between theory and practice, effortlessly including every individual in group work and verbal feedback during the session. Through the creation of this open sharing format in a safe environment, William facilitated two-way communication which allowed us to logically link the theory to reality – leaving us with much food for thought from both introspection and actively listening to our colleagues. William has a thorough understating of his subject and answers all questions within context, accompanied by relevant examples. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending William both as a facilitator and subject matter expert to any leader of multi-cultural, high-performance teams.”

Sam Buitendag, Global Head of Commercial Excellence, Aerogen

“I have worked with William as coach and team facilitator with various leadership teams for over 8 years. He always listens to the brief and always plans to ensure there are tangible outputs for each intervention. William contracts on level of challenge and he is super creative in ensuring the content and tools for sessions will elicit the response you need from attendees. I have seen him get the best out of people and teams from all backgrounds, cultures and countries and he does this in his own inimitable way. I admire how William is himself always learning, reading and soaking up new theories and thought leadership, his clients definitely benefit from his fresh thinking and approach”

Sheila Walsh, CPO, CarTrawler

“William is a great speaker and presenter. I recently asked William to deliver an online masterclass at one of our executive education masters programmes. He was professional, dependable, and extremely knowledgeable. His presentation engaged the learners from the start and was targeted perfectly to our range of executive participants. He delivered complex concepts in a coherent manner using a framework which gave the executive participants not only content for their academic assignment but plenty of practical take-away tips they could use in their workplace. I’d highly recommend William as a speaker”

Anne Burke, Senior Lecturer at Atlantic Technological University

“I had the pleasure of being part of a facilitation workshop run by William earlier this year. I found the workshop incredibly insightful and full of tools and techniques I was able to apply to my work immediately. Even in the new world of virtual meetings, these tools have led to a number of successful calls and genuine enjoyment for those on the calls. Working with large groups of customers with varying seniority can be challenging, this workshop helped me identify what is really going on in the room and haw to address it professionally and effectively. I cannot recommend William and his work highly enough. It is essential learning for anyone, not just those who facilitate.”

Luke Neale, Strategic Partners Manager and Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices Companies UK & Ireland

“I attended a training course delivered by William in October 2018 on “Presentation Skills – Presenting for impact” at the IMI and found William to be exceptional as a trainer, facilitator, motivator and leader.

I participated in this course at a challenging time in my career, when about to become redundant and looking to make the leap from one industry to another.

William is outstanding as a trainer and facilitator and really goes above and beyond in terms of understanding his audience and the outcomes they wish to achieve from the relevant training course. With a mix of all levels of experience, age and industry backgrounds, he has a real knack for making his training participants comfortable very quickly and creating a safe space in which to learn and practise newly acquired skills. He is an active listener and really gets the best out of his audience.

I found William’s training course to be extremely well structured, timed and delivered and that it set out clear goals and outcomes for each and every person attending the course.

William’s style is highly inclusive, open and pragmatic, using practical tools, techniques, videos, recordings and learning aids, with everyone having the opportunity to deliver a presentation after Day 1 and then to deliver it again a second time post-audience feedback. The group approach adopted and the open, safe environment created by William really made for a hugely positive experience – particularly given that most people who attend a training course on presentations go for a reason – they want to improve & yes….that fear factor of standing up in front of a room full of people!

I would highly encourage anyone looking to develop their presentation or leadership skills to avail of William’s training services. I have had a career spanning almost 30 years and to date, have found this to be one of the best training courses I have ever attended – primarily because of the pragmatic approach, hands-on advice, tips and techniques, practical examples and the fact that I walked away feeling much more confident about how to structure and approach presentations, how to overcome nervousness, how to lead with a bang, make my presentations memorable and to present with impact… it does what it says on the tin and I would highly recommend William to anyone looking to improve their skills and to get ahead.

He is genuinely inspiring as a presenter, trainer and leader and really delivers outcomes and the results we all hope to get from training courses we invest our time, money and effort in.

A few months after having completed William’s course, I started my search for a new job and had to present to Senior Execs/C-Suite a number of times for each opportunity I interviewed for. I ended up with a couple of really great job offers and am now in my target role with a very successful Irish FinTech organisation.
Thank you William – you are fantastic at what you do and couldn’t recommend you & your training/educational services more”

Louise O’Connell, COO, Fenegro

“William worked as Programme director, facilitator and coach for our Leadership Development Programme in 2013. As a programme director, William was able to effectively manage all aspects of the programme, from planning and logistics to curriculum development and instructor coordination. His leadership style was collaborative and inclusive, which helped to create a positive and productive learning environment for all participants.

What stood out to me was William’s ability to truly engage with the participants on a personal level. He took the time to get to know each individual and understand their unique needs and goals. This level of engagement helped to create a sense of trust and connection between William and the participants, which greatly enhanced the learning experience.

The impact of William’s leadership was evident not only in the success of the programme, but also in the lasting effect it had on the company. The participants returned to their roles with renewed energy and a new set of skills, which helped to drive positive changes within the organisation.

As a big company, we have high expectations for the leadership development programmes we offer, and William exceeded those expectations. He continues to work with us in both a coaching and a facilitation role to this day. I highly recommend William for any future leadership development programme or coaching roles.”

Joan Kennedy, Global Senior Director, HID Global

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