Working with Multinational clients in Ireland, Europe, UK, Scandinavia, US and African markets. William has built up extensive intercultural experience due to his significant travel and range of services.

William is a senior associate faculty member of the United Nations Training School, this provides different insights to culture that are part of his skillset and expertise.

William studied cross cultural communication in Notre Dame under Professor Elizabeth Tuleja. William has since become a guest lecturer in the MBA programme in Notre Dame to great success. In addition, William has collaborated with Professor Elizabeth Tuleja to write content for upcoming books on intercultural business communications. Some sample communications below from Professor Elizabeth Tuleja.

April 6, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing in reference to Mr. William Corless, who was a student of mine during his studies in Advanced Intercultural Management with the University of Notre Dame’s (U.S.A.) Executive Education program.

William was an enthusiastic learner and possessed a real thirst for knowledge. He was always prepared for class and was punctual with assignments and immediately applied what he was learning to what he was doing as an organizational behaviour expert. Interacting with William was a pleasure as he was very friendly, courteous, and respectful. After the course concluded, William and I remained in touch and he provided me with valuable insights and learning from his professional experiences. In fact, due to these interactions and insights, William kindly contributed to my text book on intercultural communication and global leadership, which is due to be published by Routledge later this year.

I would thoroughly recommend William as a professional, a student, and collaborator. Not only is William highly capable of thriving academically in the program, but I am confident that he can also make a positive impact on his peers. He is a delightful person with a thirst for learning and a curiosity for life, and I believe that he will make an excellent addition to your Master’s program. I recommend him with utmost enthusiasm and respect! Should you require any more details, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely,

Elizabeth A. Tuleja, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Teaching in Management

Tuesday 15 November


Thank you SO much for your awesome insights today! My students are hard to please but they loved your thoughts and how you led the discussion.

I'm so appreciative of your time - you are very busy and I'm glad you were able to be a part of the class - maybe you'll consider doing this next semester as well? (I haven't put the syllabus together, but it is also on MW and from 1-3pm EST (classes begin Jan 16th). I'll be in touch. It's great for me/students to have your global expertise and it's great for you to say that you have been a guest lecturer at Notre Dame!

Kind regards,