Choose YellowWood training courses to improve your organisation’s performance.

Here at YellowWood we understand the importance of good people to an organisation. The current economic situation highlights even more than ever the importance skilled team members have to the performance of a successful organisation.

To be competitive and to survive in today’s climate you must have the ability to match and to exceed that which your competition offers. Constant dedication to your service and performance requires an investment in training and development.

We pride ourselves on providing training that is practical and adds value to your business. Our unique approach which is practical, engaging and informative is a successful formula. We tailor training programmes to address your unique needs.

His style of delivery is considered insightful, open, honest, interactive and engaging while establishing a strong rapport with participants. William also offers a follow up support service to ensure learning outcomes have been implemented.

Here is a sample of the workshops currently on offer:

  1. Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  2. The art of Negotiations
  3. Mediation and Conflict Intervention
  4. Unconscious bias in the workplace
  5. Immunity to change –understanding habits and creating new personal behaviours
  6. Intercultural Communication and Management
  7. Dealing with difficult people and dealing with aggressive behaviour in the workplace
  8. Powerful Coaching Conversations
  9. Political skill at work—persuasion and influence
  10. Presenting with Impact
  11. Innovation and Persuasion for collaborative teams
  12. Coping with Change—survive and thrive during workplace change
  13. Relationship Dynamics
  14. Difficult conversations and challenging behaviour
  15. Assertiveness and problem solving
  16. Diversity and Equality in the workplace
  17. Effective Communication
  18. Myers Briggs Type Indicator- understand your personality profile and others
  19. Effective Meetings and Decision Making
  20. Understanding conflict styles and strengthening relationships
  21. Core Qualities of human behaviour
  22. Creating high performance environments
  23. The art and practice of a learning organisation
  24. Dealing with people you don`t like
  25. The art and discipline of management excellence in practice
  26. Energy Management – the Inspiration to Motivation and the Key to Goal Setting
  27. Management Success Secrets
  28. People Management
  29. The art of resilience and management of stres

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