Coaching is relatively new to Ireland, and while the term coaching has connotations with sports activities, the word ‘coaching’ is derived from ‘stage coach’: to literally transport a person from one place to another. We would like to support people to move forward or create change.

Take a different path…

Coaching is really the partnering of a coach and an individual or a group. By partnering together we will explore and create possibilities together to reach your goals or desired outcomes. We encourage empowerment, respect for learning types and perspectives and the willingness to strive for change, whatever change means to you.

Here at YellowWood we offer a range of programmes and services:

  • Career Transition
  • Outplacement
  • Team Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides the ideal platform to improve organisational performance and maximise individual potential. I create a safe environment to raise awareness and explore opportunities for growth and facilitate change. My coaching style combines an intuitive approach with and promotes forward-focused and solution-orientated outcomes. Desired outcomes are mutually identified and agreed upon in advance, which then places the client in a position of empowerment to take action. The actual coaching process is a conversation of moving the client to gain personal insight and be responsible to focus on the goals set.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Learn to solve your own problems
  • Improve managerial and interpersonal skills
  • Have better relationships with colleagues
  • Learn how to identify and act on development needs
  • Have greater confidence
  • Become more effective, and assertive in dealing with people
  • Have a positive impact on performance
  • Have greater self-awareness and gain new perspectives
  • Acquire new skills and abilities
  • Develop greater adaptability to change
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Reduce stress levels

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Improve productivity, quality, customer service and shareholder value
  • Can gain increased employee commitment and satisfaction, which can lead to improved retention
  • Support employees who’ve been promoted to cope with new responsibilities
  • Help employees to sort out personal issues that might otherwise affect performance at work
  • Gain a satisfactory process for self-development
  • Support other training and development initiatives e.g. reduce ‘leakage’ from training courses
  • Easier delegation
  • Efficiencies due to productivity
  • Demonstrate to employees that an organisation is committed to developing its staff by supporting them to improve their skills

William Corless is a fully qualified coach who is an ACC credentialed member of the International Coaching Federation

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